Episode 10 – Part 2: Dineeth and Luke’s ATC Recap

In Part 2 of this Episode,  Dineeth and Luke discuss their experience at ATC, the format of team events, what they played and how they went!

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Intro and Outro Music Credited to: Rich Brian – Back At It (Instrumental), and Perp – Adeus.

2 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Part 2: Dineeth and Luke’s ATC Recap

  1. Dineeth aren’t the Tactical Objectives in the rulebook (pg 227)/codex with reference to the 2D6 roll, so cards aren’t required? Why not just get your opponent to use that in your round 4?

    1. Hi Sam, yep in hindsight that would have been a much better thing to do!!! Learned a lot from that haha. Cheers for the comment 🙂

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