Episode 24 – Australian Masters and New Marines!

In Episode 24, Luke takes the reins alongside Liam to interview Godhammer Gaming members Simon Gojkovic and Hayden Walduck. These two are QLD ATC team members as well as ETC team members, and have strong presence in the competitive community.

In part 1, we discuss the hobby track and projects we’re working on. We then continue on to talk about the new marines and chaos models and how we think they will impact the meta. In Part 2, we get liam and (spoiler) the winner, Simon, to discuss their games at Aus Masters, a competitive invitational event to test who is the best of the best in Australia! Also, remember these games were streamed and recorded by our friends over at Down Under Network, so be sure to view these exciting games!

In other news, Briscon is expanding ticket sales to 70! However people in the wait list have preference to tickets, so if you’d like to come, make sure you contact us on Facebook and let us know you’d like to be on the wait list!

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