Episode 28 – Ynnari Rework and Aus/NZ Team Championship

In this episode we discuss our thoughts on the new Ynnari changes and if we expect it to impact the meta. Spoiler, we think its not all doom and gloom as most of the internet may have you think!

We then go on to discuss the Australian/New Zealand Team Championship (or ATC) and give our thoughts on what it’s like to attend Australia’s (and NZ’s) most competitive team event. It’s definitely something truly unique and awesome to participate in, and being such a strong team event, it puts individual player skill to the test towards an overarching team goal. A team style event offers a unique approach to list design, which we discuss in detail. Furthermore, all of ATC will be stream by the reliable boys over at Down Under Network, so be sure to tune in this weekend to watch some of Australia’s best battle it out.

Also be sure to check out Objective Secured, where Mike and Emma are organising the Southern Hemisphere Open on the 1st-3rd June! This is always an awesome event, with major hobby workshops and store sales so be sure to check it out! Also, huge congratulations to Mike and Emma for their contribution to the 40k community, rewarded by GW themselves with being the first Australian Warhammer Heroes! 
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Intro and Outro Music Credited to: Rich Brian – Back At It (Instrumental), and Perp – Adeus.

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