Episode 64 – New 40k GT Missions!

On this episode, we’ve got the whole team on to discuss the new 40k rulebook and GT missions. These missions are so different from what we’re used to, both ITC and 8th edition rulebook, so the guys take some time to go through the changes it may have to list design and playstyle, as well as secondary selection.

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One thought on “Episode 64 – New 40k GT Missions!

  1. Hi mate,

    Thanks for the message and glad you’re liking the show! We’ve recently had some audio issues that the guys are trying to fix up with new microphones, and we’re really sorry it’s come through in the episodes. We’re aiming to have it fixed by the next one to make sure we don’t make it too hard for listeners. Thanks for your feedback though, appreciate any ways we can make the listening experience better!
    – Dineeth

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