Our Team

The Normal Blokes is a Brisbane-based podcast, dedicated to improving the competitive 40k experience. We talk local events, meta, list building, tactics and hobby.

Hosts Luke, Dineeth, Jordan and Liam will be discussing current happenings, and also interviewing guests from around Australia and overseas to talk 40k. Our aim is to improve the 40k competitive experience and to grow the Brisbane 40k scene into a thriving positive community.

Our Team:

Luke “Mr Soulburst” Pearce

Resident Eldar/Grey Knight player, mastermind tactician and all round good bloke. Some say he hasn’t lost a game this year, others simply say no one survives to say otherwise. If his dice don’t turn on him that is.

Dineeth “Captain Submarine” Liyanagama

Playing anything and everything Imperium, Dineeth tries to make unconventional garbage competitive and 9 times out of 10 fails miserably, however still has a good laugh doing so.

Jordan “Captain Smash” Bennett

Our local friendly Blood Angels player, with the biggest jawline in South East Queensland. Enjoys a good gym session, choking out his enemies and spending all his CP turn 1.

Liam “Damocles” Hackett

If you ever wanted to see poetry in motion, watch a 40k game played by our very own Doc Hackett. Australian WTC player with a skill level as high as his hairline, he offers some great input for our team.

We also regularly ask special guests onto our show – look out for these appearances!

Any questions can be sent to thenormalblokes@gmail.com

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