Episode 20 – Qld Masters Recap, LVO Review and Meta Predictions Post FAQ/GSC Codex

In episode 20, the guys are joined by Liam Hackett, Queensland ATC team member, to talk all things 40k!

In part 1, we discuss our experiences at the Queensland Masters invitational event hosted by Josh McGowan. We recap our games and experiences and review what we could have done better.

In part 2, we review the LVO winning lists and talk through how brutal this world class event was for players, with some having played 9 games in 3 days! The event was run by Frontline Gaming and extremely well done to them for running such a smooth event considering the amazing turnout of players.

We continue on to discuss our predictions for the meta post bolter rule and Genestealer codex release, before finally talking very briefly about the God Emperor “Trump” on display in Tuscany, Italy! Check it out! 😉

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