Episode 27 – Briscon 40k Championship Interview with Erik Lathouras and FAQ Discussion

Briscon is finished! And of course, that means we interview the winner, Erik Lathouras, and find out how the f**k he won a 70 player tournament with mono-faction Grey Knights! Luke and Liam probe Erik on how he managed to steal the win in each game, while Liam also recaps his close battles in his rise to victory also. Both Liam and Erik go through their games in detail and their defining moments. Briscon top table games were live streamed by Down Under Network, so be sure to watch them on their twitch channel. Later on in the episode, we also go through the major changes of the Big FAQ and our thoughts on the changes.

We also would like to say a huge thank you to all those who participated in Briscon, the weekend ran smoothly, with no major dramas caused. So a huge thank you to all who those who came to the event, we hope you had a blast!

Also be sure to check out Objective Secured, where Mike and Emma are organising the Southern Hemisphere Open on the 1st-3rd June! This is always an awesome event, with major hobby workshops and store sales so be sure to check it out!
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